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Brent Cross Pavilion, London NW2

The Pavilion responds to the expansive view of Clitterhouse fields by compressing and framing horizontal views towards Hampstead ridge. Focusing attention upon a view which feels somewhat bucolic with woodlands and clay rooftops beyond. Cropping out the huge sky and focusing on the distant nature brings a sense of calm and sanctuary to the internal spaces, along with a single framed view back towards the manor.


The language of the Pavilion responds to the tiled rooftops in the distance and the undulating site landscape, whilst making historical reference back to the medieval manor with its exposed timber frame and jettied roof.


The construction method, medieval in spirit but forward thinking, is comprised of an exposed glulam structure with thick hempcrete walls. This structure sits upon a slightly raised Accoya timber platform which touches the ground lightly on steel screw piles, eliminating energy heavy and costly excavation and concrete. A wider landscape strategy re-instates lost orchards, grasslands, ponds and allotments which offer a glimpse into the past landscape and opportunities for community engagement and learning. 

Status: Competition

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