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Charlton House, Wiltshire

Substantial addition and refurbishment of a 19th Century detached house in the Charlton Estate and conservation area. This project is for a young growing family, providing an enlarged home with traditional British and Scandinavian elements, in-keeping with the sensitive context whilst referencing the client's heritage. The new addition to the rear of the house almost doubles the size of the house with a free flowing ground floor and exposed ceiling joists, a double height bedroom on the first floor, additional bathrooms and a guest room in the loft. The new additions seek to embody the form and beguiling character of the existing house and local vernacular often typified by double gables. A simple palette of white timber frame windows, coloured gutters and barge boards, and pale textured render stitches the new volumes into the existing.


Status: Self build on site Summer 2021.

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