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Writer's shed, Wales

The Tŷ Newydd writing centre is situated in North Wales close to the Snowdonia National Park. There is a large house on a hill with extensive gardens looking South over the Irish Sea. The centre wished to provide a secluded space for visiting writers to stay away from the main house. 


The proposal is an interpretation of the existing 15th century house which after several extensions and alterations has a predominantly arts and crafts appearance. It sits at the top of the sloping garden; a stone plinth and chimney are connected to the low retaining wall that curves its way from the existing house.


A lightweight insulated timber frame clad in painted timber shingles slots into this grounding mass, forming the shelter. In the spirit of the existing house, the writer’s shed embodies the character and familiarity of the home. A hearth, steps and a bay window create an atmosphere of comfort and retreat; whilst the external form relates back to the long pitched roofs and chimney of the existing house. It is oriented around two spaces, the first, a desk with a view back to the main house and the second, a more relaxed and reflective window seat with a view out to sea.

Status: RIBA Competition runner up.

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